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Climate Protest


Realising that, it's satisfying to know that, trees are being used responsibly, forests are being better protected, and our carbon footprint in the ecosystem is being reduced, we have indulged ourselves in manufacturing of eco-friendly paper packaging. 


We at, Proactive Papers LLP manufacture SOS paper bags and Sharp Bottom paper bags of the finest quality. We started this business out of choice with the sole intention of making the world a better place.


The company partners started sailing 2 decades ago with Prince Packaging Company. And moving ahead, partners from Bharat Freight Group has joined hands to form Proactive Papers LLP that shall drive the aim two steps forwards in ensuring the sustainability and new innovations.


Our vision is to promote the use of eco-friendly paper products. 20 years later, we have an impressive clientele and state of the art technology to boast. And yet, our aim remains to reduce the dependency on plastic.


Our growth both as an organization and as a ‘green’ company has been steady and impressive.

Recycling Bin


Our team being highly motivated and environmentally conscious, our mission is to produce high quality recycled paper packaging with zero waste. We strive to manufacture our eco-friendly products at the highest quality possible with cutting-edge machines.

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag


Extreme dependence on plastic and other synthetics are threatening to cause irreparable damage to our delicate eco system. At such a juncture, our mission is to restore the balance in a small yet effective way.

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